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Aluki Refference by Tankiethegreat
Aluki Refference
Very important character, donut steele.


Personality type: extrovert

Temperament: Sanguine

Traits: energetic, naïve, innocent, determined, friendly, pure, mature, inexperienced

Ethnicity: Inuit

Short Bio: Young member of the Mage’s Society who shows talent in the art of fire conjuration. She is paired up with Lance Gingifer, and together they form a duo whose common duties include: looking for magical plot devices. They are deployed in lands to the far north where they search for an artifact that bestows ultimate power on whoever is strong enough to possess it. However, the Northern nations very virulent, and a plague has broken out. Not only that, but their guild has only sent them out as disposable probes. However, Aluki is a fiery spirit indeed and searches on, making friends along the way. Her determination drives her forward, but unfortunately she tends to neglect personal relationships when she's preoccupied with her job. She's got a strong sense of morals and infallible innocence and sincerity.

outfit vomit dump by Tankiethegreat
outfit vomit dump

 okay, good new: got a backup laptop! I thought I'd celebrate by drawing some of those character refs that I always wanted to do (okay, it's not really a ref, more of a costume thing, but...). So here's Lucy's ref, I did some cool stuff, just look at those feet. They don't look that great, and I wouldn't exactly call it rendering, but they aren't being obstructed by plants and rocks and things. Also there's a banjo. If you can tell, her costume is kinda based off of the Norwegian national costume, the Bunad (so prettay). Hers is still very much subject to changes. It looks okay for a first attempt, and i'm good wit that.

 Now, I've got just about all of her physical descriptors up there already, so I guess I'll put all of the other bits of the bio down here where no one will likely read them.

personality type: extrovert
temperament: sanguine
traits: friendly, catty, ditzy, mildly high-strung, sociable, child-like, lazy, ingenuitive, excitable
skills: highly trained in wind/air powers, good at brewing potions, better at brewing alcohol.
occupation: witchcraft
short bio: Born to two pureblood fairies, Ophelia Rojas and Bjorte Abels. Her mother had a lot of influence on her early life, and while she does love her mother a lot, she showed more preference toward her father. Lucy's father, on the other hand, was a simple warlock, who had humanitarian goals. In recent times, Lucy's been living on her own

ps, if anyone has any other costume suggestions for a fantasy story set in the 1840s, then be my guest 0u0.

edit: I added a new outfit. Prolly gonna add maybe one or two more, but for now its just this dress. I also touched up the doodles on the side; they're a tad bit more helpful.

Monroe the Mouse-y by Tankiethegreat
Monroe the Mouse-y
Monroe is a mouse. Monroe suffers from little dog syndrome i.e she carries herself like a tiger rather than a mouse. She goes on cute adventures with her cute critter friends. Generally, she's not always as happy as she is in the drawing. Monroe's got a shit personality: bossy, anti-social, unaffectionate, snarky, snobby, intense, stubborn, detached, and just plain unpleasant. but despite all that, she's very intelligent, self-controlled, well-articulated, ambitious, practical, and very loyal. She belongs to an affluent family, and lives with her grandmother and little brother. She has quite a few acquaintances and a few friends. For her defense carries a makeshift rapier.
Artemis (Siren) Day- ref by Tankiethegreat
Artemis (Siren) Day- ref
this is the friggin best I can do as far as refs go. It's lazy and looks like messy poo poo, but I guess it gets the point across. 

    Fourteen years old. Young, unruly, dramatic, and boundlessly energetic. Bespectacled and naïve, but not all that stupid. At her worst, she’s irritating, incompetent, and pretty harsh too. Not to mention how she can kind of flip flop with emotions due to her being an alien/mutant. In fact, both her and her brother are kinda socially impaired, not being familiar with how humans/ other aliens communicate in a socially acceptable way. She always speaks in a loud voice using lots of colloquial, fillers, and the occasional swear.

    Truly, she’s a good, devoted, and loyal friend; always standing up for them and sticking by them, even if it eventually turns into a disaster. Often, she finds herself at the root of the disaster because she’s so good at making mistakes, but damn if she doesn't try her hardest to right her wrongs. Kid tries so hard to be edgy, but comes off as a goober.

    Throughout the story she goes from an ignorant teenager with a bad disposition to a smarter, more self-aware teenager. She develops a sense of identity, and becomes more responsible and intelligent. She has varied hobbies and talents. While her combat/ hero skills kind of lack, she’s a virtuoso who likes singing and dancing and playing the groovy music. She also likes to garden, but has no plants other than her favorite: cacti. It should be noted that since she's a genetically engineered, shape shifting, mutant thing she doesn't have an actual gender (nor do any of the other mutants; they don't reproduce naturally) but by all means she acts, and presents like a female, and conversely her brother acts as a male. speaking of converses: don't look at the ones in the picture. they suck. Speaking of alien/mutant stuff, she has a number of inborn abilities (weak they may be): Shape shifting, telekinesis, and the ability to manipulate plasma. Every other member of her species has these powers, so they aren't that special. Her biggest real strength is probably determination; conversely her biggest flaw would be her... ineptitude?

As you can see her fashion sense isn't that great, and tends to include a lot of edgy, black selections. Any colors seen are definitely going to be mint green. It's kinda her color, with the exception of the one on the end (which is actually her outfit from her first incantation back in the seventh grade). She tends to like lots of makeup for her eyes and lips (which are always a nice, edgy black), and kinda goes overboard.



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